Spice Blends

 Our Confetti Gourmet Herb Spice Blend is a  selection of the finest all natural spices and herbs perfectly balanced  to complement all meats, chicken, pork, veggies and pasta, Use it  instead of salt and pepper. We put it on everything but ice cream!! 
It's like nothing you've ever had before!!
$5.00 each

You’re  going to love our Confetti Gourmet BBQ Spice Blend. It will add that  extra sizzle to any back yard meal. It’s a blend of brown sugar and all  kinds of great herbs and spices.
Now you have another reason to grill all year long.
$5.00 each

This  one brings that Tex-Mex flavor to your cooking. Our Southwest Seasoning  is a blend of chipotle chili pepper, paprika, cumin, onion and garlic,  with other herbs and spices. For a smoky heat, sprinkle on steak, pork  chops or shrimp right before grilling, or add it to your favorite chili  recipe. 
Taste the difference.
$5.00 each

Your  doctor called and said you should be eating more fish. Our Confetti  Gourmet Seafood Blend is a mix of herbs and spices specially made to add  great flavor when cooking that catch of the day. 
You’ll be hooked
$5.00 each

Our Confetti Gourmet Cajun Spice Blend  releases the aromatic and spicy flavors for authentic Louisiana-style  cooking. The genuine traditional flavors you enjoy on the bayou will  come alive Try it in your favorite gumbo or jambalaya recipes. Add a  tablespoon for a secret ingredient in burgers.
"The Big Easy"